Wednesday, February 10, 2010

apootaern Facebook Giveaway

Due to requests, apootaern giveaway dateline extended to 12.00am, 14th March 2010! And if we get 150 fans by then, there's an additional giveaway draw of a-yet-to-be-released apootaern goody for all fans joining by the dateline!

apootaern 1st giveaway is here! Spread the apootaern love & win a limited edition surprise sling worth more than RM119!

T & C :

1. Must be a fan of apootaern pouch sling & etc.
2. Cannot be my sister (you have enough slings!)

What to do

a. Write about apootaern slings/ apootaern giveaway on your wall or tweet it.
b. Submit by sending me a message with a link to the posting / tweet.


* Entry must be submitted by 12.00am 1st of March 2010 - GMT + 8:00.
* Winner will be chosen randomly using
* Winner will be announced by 7th of March 2010.
* Results are final and no correspondence will be entertained.
* apootaern reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Now go make that posting already!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chinoiserie Collection : Amarath on Seashell with Forest Green Brocade Tail Accent

Reversible linen ring-sling with beautiful chinese-inspired brocade tail accent.

Amarath on Seashell with Forest Green Brocade
Price : RM189.00


Our latest addition to apootaern baby sling, the RSapootaern.

Made of gorgeous two layers of luxurious linen in complimenting colors, it's cool to wear, perfect for all weather and climates + the best part is, it's easy to care and will becomes softer but stronger with use. A must-have for all fashionista mommas!

Color : Olive on Light Khaki ( more color combos COMING SOON!)

Ring : Aluminium Ring in Muted Silver
Shoulder Type : Unpaded Fanned Box-pleat

Price : RM 169.00

Thursday, February 4, 2010

5Ws of apootaern

Who : I'm a WAHA (work-at-home-aunt) who is a craft addict & fabric hoarder. I love the idea of attachment parenting and hope to spread that babywearing is good for the baby + hip for mommy.

What : Currently apootaern carry a range of fashionable baby slings that is vibrant in color + uses luxurious and gorgeous fabric.

Coming soon, more handmade baby & mommy stuffs!

Where : We are based on the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia with customers & fans from all over the world .

Why : At the risk of being buried under the ever increasing pile of stuff I have around the house, I had to make a sacrifice and start actually make something out of them - sharing them as my other half put it, as opposed to stacking 'em up & admiring the beautiful piles of fabric.

The truth is I needed to channel my creativity + love of things beautiful into something productive plus my sister just had a baby then. She needed a hands-free baby carrying device, and was complaining about the lack of choice available here. I took up the challenge and made my 1st pouch which she's still using to this day! A few more was made as present for friends & relatives but I was still very unhappy about the workmanship - I taught myself to sew.

A broken sewing machine & lack of motivation to get it repaired (I was busy busy busy trying to earn a living) further delayed apootaern emergence.

Nephew no. 2 arrived & I revisited my fabric-piles. With better working environment & more patience this time, I managed to better my workmanship ( I admit it's not perfect, okay!) + settling the issues I had regarding safety & comfort. Showed them to a few friends & babywearing pals, they told me to go for it! And by then I had the perfect name for them courtesy of my nephew Hussen.

So apootaern was born, without much pomp or fanfare but definitely with enough challenges. My thanks for all the encouragements, you guys know who you are!

When : Officially apootaern was born in late 2009, but the seed was planted much earlier, was it when Hussen was born in 2007? Or way back in 1991, when I made all those baby layettes for friends of my mom while waiting for my college application result.

I'm glad I started this, I'm estatic that people actually like my work. Here's to many more pouches, ringslings and who knows, maybe a mei-tai in the horizon.

p/s: apootaern = elephant


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