Monday, January 4, 2010

Hana's Pouch

A custom order by my dear old friend Nana. Hope she enjoys babywearing darling Zara.

Hana on Drab Olive
Another take on Hana, this time on black! Really stylish.
Other color combo available upon request.

Price : RM 99.00


Abby said...

hai, you've got a great work here, but how to order? No email address..i put u as one of my fav blog..

Jsmn said...

these are ADORABLE. do link us. thanks

Athene said...

Abby & Jsmn, thanks for the visit & adding my blog to your list :) I'm still figuring out the linking thingie to appear on my blog, have not been blogging for ove a year, need to revamp this blog to include more links and what's not. My email is

Have a nice day.


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