Wednesday, January 12, 2011

apootaern Fans Photo Contest

Ok, another contest time. We are having an apootaern fans action photo contest.

It's simple to enter and there'll be 2 prizes, apootaern's choice and fan's choice.

apootaern's choice will be chosen by apootaern's team while the fan's choice is based on the number of 'like's on the photo.

Winners will win a brand new apootaern sling and will be featured on our brand new website.

So pop out those cameras and start snapping away.

The rules are simple

1. Open to all apootaern Facebook fans.

2. All photos submitted for the contest must have an apootaern product featured. It could be old or new, borrowed or own apootaern, just as long there's an apootaern, you are eligible.

3. Submissions must be posted at  apootaern's Photos by Others page or emailed to by 31st January 2011.

4. Each entry must have a caption and please don't forget your Facebook ID too.

5. Fans voting starts on 1st February 2011 (any 'like's before that will not be counted) and ends on Valentine's Day.

6. Results will be announced on 15th February 2011.

7. All submission will remain the property of apootaern pouch sling & etc.

8. Submission are NOT limited. The more the merrier.



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